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Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Since 1996, attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer have been practicing law together as “The Husband and Wife Law Team.” Known for their expertise, skill, and strong track record, the Breyers have built Breyer Law Offices into one of Arizona’s most reputable personal injury firms.

The Breyers have not just built a strong legal practice – they’ve built it on a solid foundation of customer service and passion for their clients’ legal rights. As personal injury attorneys, the couple focuses on injury occurring due to negligence, including wrongful death cases and serious injuries. They have dedicated their careers to helping others navigate the often treacherous legal system and getting the compensation they deserve –and their newest book is dedicated to helping personal injury victims do so with confidence.

Mark Breyer is proud to have achieved the distinction of “certified specialist” in Arizona injury and wrongful death law, a certification shared by less than two percent of his Arizona colleagues. This certification results from Breyer’s extensive trial experience and the reputation he has built among the Arizona legal community as an experienced, successful, and principled professional.

Throughout their years as attorneys, the Breyers have seen the very real and very scary effects personal injury can have on individuals, futures, and families. They understand that to wait too long to address a personal injury issue can mean losing the right to speak out and demand compensation. They have witnessed first hand the fear and anxiety that can accompany a legal issue, and their book is aimed to answer personal injury victims’ most pressing questions about the legal system, their rights, and what to expect. And they respect the individuals who refuse to sit back and become just another personal injury statistic in a workplace accident, car crash, slip and fall, dog bite, or other case.

When they’re not pursuing their legal practice, Mark and Alexis Breyer are raising a family of seven children. It is their ardent hope that their book empowers others to fight back against the negligence that can destroy a life or a financial future in an instant.