Full Coverage Lie

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"Full coverage" many times is a myth so we refer to it as "The full coverage lie." Do you have insurance when you ride? If you do, do you have "full coverage?" What is full coverage? Will full coverage protect other people that you injure or will it also protect you? Are you protected through the limits allowed under the law? Do you have enough insurance to cover you or your family if you are seriously injured by someone who has no insurance or does not have enough insurance? Are you sure you have full coverage?

The reality is that "full coverage" is really a myth. It is a lie. There is nothing in Arizona law that defines it. All insurance coverages in Arizona are what we call "a la carte." There are many different types of coverage that are not required by law and unfortunately many times people think they have full coverage when in reality they only have what is required by law, which is very little coverage. Having the information you need to purchase the correct insurance to protect you in case you are seriously injured due to the fault of somebody else is vital. Further, understanding all the different types of coverage that are available and how they work should you be involved in an accident are important as well.

Some of the main coverages that are important to have are liability, underinsured and uninsured coverage. Underinsured protects you, the rider, when a driver hit you that does not have enough insurance. Liability protects you if you are at fault for an accident and this is the coverage that is required by law. Uninsured protects a rider when they are hit by a driver that has no insurance at all. Even though Arizona requires every motor vehicle operator to have insurance on their vehicle or motorcycle, the fact remains that there are a large majority of drivers who are driving without any insurance at all. Underinsured and uninsured coverage are very important coverages that protect you from these drivers who have little or no insurance. The different types of insurance are discussed in more depth in the Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide.

The Husband and Wife Law Team also offer a complimentary service where you can send us your declaration page on your motorcycle and we will review your policy and make recommendations and clarifications as to the coverage that you have on your motorcycle, and how it would apply should you have the misfortune of being involved in a motorcycle accident.