Motorcycle Statistics

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The Motorcycle Statistics You Don’t Want to Hear

  1. In 2009, 4,595 motorcyclists were killed in the U.S, making up 10.1% of all traffic fatalities, yet motorcycles make up only 3% of the total amount of registered vehicles (NHTSA, FARS and BTS, RITA).
  2. Arizona’s motorcycle fatality rate is higher than the national average, at 12.5 % of all traffic fatalities in 2009 (NHTSA, FARS).
  3. Approximately 80% of motorcycle wrecks result in injury or death compared with 20% of auto accidents (NHTSA 2007).
  4. 50% of fatal single-vehicle motorcycle accidents involve alcohol (NHTSA 2007).
  5. Improperly trained or unlicensed riders make up 25% of drivers killed in motorcycle accidents (NHTSA 2007).