The Helmet Lie

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Most motorcycle riders know that you can choose to not wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle. Can you be given a traffic ticket in Arizona if you choose to ride a motorcycle without a helmet? The answer, of course, is no. But what happens if you are involved in a motorcycle accident where a drunk driver runs a red light while speeding and doing drugs – all at the same time – and injures you. Did you know that the drunk driver can argue that the injuries to the motorcycle rider are the rider's own fault for failing to wear their helmet? This is usually very surprising to many motorcycle riders. The lack of wearing a helmet and using it as a defense by the driver at fault is more complex than what is explained in this small section; however, in our book we have explained the helmet law in more detail. It is an important law for motorcycle riders to understand. Understanding how Arizona law punishes law-abiding riders is required information for everybody who gets on a motorcycle in Arizona. The answer to "the big lie," and the opinions of the Husband and Wife Law Team are addressed in The Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide.